A Sample of Exile

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Aleksander Manfredi (bka Exile) beautifully mixes soul and fun into each beat

Exile, an LA native, puts his feet into each soulful production that he cooks up. And whether it’s rapping with Aloe Blacc or executive producing for Blame One, Exile is everywhere, most likely doing everything and anything to hook in listeners.

He is best known for his layered soulful samples that hearken back to sampling gurus like DJ Premier, Jam Master Jay, DJ Jazzy Jeff, the late J Dilla, Madlib, Jon Brion who co-produced Late Registration with sampling aficionado Kanye West. All with their own unique sound just like Exile.

Below The Heavens with West Coast gem Blu had and has the underground rumbling for more.

Recently, Exile hooked up with Fashawn for Boy Meets World, who in turn hooked me up with Exile for an interview.

The Journalist: I want to know how you’re able to find the samples that you’re able to find, and how you flip them so nicely.

Exile: I just basically just try to find inspiration to bang out as many beats as I can. If I don’t find it, I just force myself. I don’t know; it’s just what I do. I don’t know how to explain it.

The Journalist: What you mean, “just what you do?” What you Michael Jordan; you just get on the court—“I’m just that good.”?


Exile: It’s all different; sometimes I just start off with some drums or grab a random record. Sometimes I just sit around and listen to music all day till I find something that inspires me. Or sometimes I just lay down a baseline and try to find something that works with that. There’s many different ways to go about it.

The Journalist: The one I need to ask you a question about is “You Are Now in The Clouds With The Koochie Monstas” (Below The Heavens). How did that come about? Because that was a dope beat, I thought Blu was going to actually rap to that.

Exile: Oh, actually we had the song “Below the Heavens,” and we just knew we wanted to have live instrumentation to fade out the whole record.

The Koochie Monstas is a mixture of these different musicians that we know and shit. Blu gathered a lot of it together and we just made it work. And being keen with the hook we had from Miguel (Jontel). And we just blended all together and talked some shit over it, and it just worked out perfect.

So that was actually live instrumentation.

The Journalist: Was that Blu beatboxing or was that you?

Exile: No, that was me beatboxing.

The Journalist: What don’t you do? You rap. You produce. You beatbox.

Exile: I can play the drums… the accordion.

The Journalist: Are we going to see you dancing soon?

Exile: Uh… I got a dope cabbage patch.

The Journalist: I saw you doing a little bit of a dance move in the “Blu Collar (Workers)” video with Blu.


Exile: Yeah. I got iller ones.

The Journalist: What can we expect from the future projects?

Exile: As of right now, I have my rap album finished. The album with Aloe Blacc’s finished…

The Journalist: (interjecting) Your album? What’s the name of your album?

Exile: My album is called A Four-Track Mind. Basically, everything was recorded on a four-track, all analog tapes. It’s a look into Exile’s head, from some funny shit, to like some emcee shit, to a lot of personal shit. I think people should enjoy it. A lot of it I did without writing—in my head shit.

The Journalist: The Aloe Blacc album. How’s that looking?

Exile: Me and Aloe have a group called Emanon. And yeah it’s (the album’s) basically done. I’m just in the process of mixing it and fine tuning it. That’s going to be called A Bird’s Eye View.

The Journalist: When can we expect that?

Exile: 2010.

There’s also this record that I executive produced by Blame One (Days Chasing Days).

I’m working with this musician called J.O.H.A.Z. Me and him have a group together called Dag Savage.

And I’m working with this emcee out of Chicago named Ahdad. Yeah, I got my hands full.



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