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December 21, 2009 at 12:23 am (Daily Offerings, Uncategorized) (, , )

i embarked on a journey, from the land of scriptures,
from good morning orange, to where they call us niggers,
a mirror of face, reveals a family picture,
yet the sons are cold hearted, cause my heart to shiver,
as my peers drown sorrows in their pool of liquor,
while the women pour red like an endless river,
periodically bleedin’, yet we go in deeper,
only to hear word… that the world is sicker,
and it’s lost a liver, and all these kids delivered,
born deformed, or in harm, or killed by sinners,
abortin’ life daily, as if life’s for quitters,
and they makin’ up lies, reachin’ up for dippers,
wantin’ to be like stars, and shine down like glitter,
wishin’ they could unwind, as if the skin had zippers,
to unzip and file into where the evil’s cheaper,
from the crib, to the pen, to the club, we’re all just prisoners…

and that’s as cold blooded as a new york winter

–The Journalist


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