Sade is a Soldier of Love (Sade’s Sizzle Reel)

December 29, 2009 at 8:36 pm (Entertainment, Music, News, Uncategorized) (, , , )

The Smooth Operator returns after a long studio hiatus.


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  1. HARDpinkKANDY said,

    I am so excited that The ONLY True Queen of this shit is BACK!!! …Beyonce – “Take Notes!”
    I mean the lyrics alone are reason enuff to CROWN her! Her Style is uncomparable….her beauty is UNDENIABLE…she is SADE
    What more can I say? She is thee epitomy of…woman and she never had to sell her sexuality to gain recognition! “SORRY”…but…there will be no “VIDEO PHONE” bullshit on this album. Sade is a Lady! So (if you want to be skank go buy be”SKANK”yonce’s album) But if you want to Grow SPIRITUALLY….buy “Soldier of Love”

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