Rapper Big Pooh & Black Milk – The Purple Tape (Mixtape)

January 12, 2010 at 5:18 am (Mixtape, Music, Review) (, , , , )

Download here… Shout outs to 2BZ… Check out my review below…

“When I’m Done”– Pooh gives a strong effort on this song with lyrics and passion to match. It appears that Pooh has a personal vendetta with fans, label executives, and people in general.

“We’re all artist these days; show me where’s all the fans”

“Blueprint”– Pooh boasts the influence that Little Brother (Phonte, 9th Wonder and him) and the Justus League have on the mainstream and underground. In a past interviews, Kanye and Drake have admitted their close studying of Little Brother (Phonte specifically).

“Impatient”– This songs speaks to Pooh’s frustration with the industry and other matters. Even when Little Brother is praised, Pooh is often the overlooked member with 9th Wonder and Phonte garnering acclaim for their producing and rhyming talents respectively.

“Put it in the Air”– Dropping wisdom for the next class of rappers, Pooh explains that a hot buzz does not equal a solidified career and/or catalog of music.

“The money roll in; they ain’t bein’ be sincere/ Got a hot line nigga, but what about career”

“Holding Back”– This seems to carry over for “Put it in the Air” and more focused at gangster image rappers. This is a short and not really memorable piece.

“Girlfriend”– This is Pooh in his element and at his finest on the mixtape. This is a love lost ballad for those with much rougher relationship patterns. I can relate; can you?

“Camera Tricks”– Pooh picks up where he left off with the previous song, with much more raw and crude lyrics, with a catchy hook about the fast days in the life of a rapper. Chaundon drops in to give his two cents on the situation as well.

“Law & Order”– This concept song is refreshing as Pooh examines a fast lifestyle that has its ups and downs, especially when someone cries…RAPE!

“Bounce”– Bounce is a refreshing groove with food for thought. And once again Pooh delivers a nice and smooth flow. Definitely one to bump while cruising the streets when the sun is out.

“Say Something”– Pooh closes the album in style with this in-depth rap which unleashes the remaining anger he has about the current state of Rap.

“Shoutemout”– Just think of all the names Pooh would shout out and there you have it.

Wrap it up, Pooh. Wrap it up.

It flows with a message and does not appear to be a lumping of songs together. And Pooh states his claim as a rapper with skills and clout.

The Journalist gives “The Purple Tape Mixtape” a grade B-


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