Raheem DeVaughn- Mr. February (Aka March Madness)

January 16, 2010 at 8:00 pm (Mixtape, Music, Review) (, , )

Download mixtape here… Shout outs to 2BZ… Full review by The Journalist below

“Intro”– DeVaughn explains what we’re about get into by listening to his mixtape

“I’m Good”– Catchy tune with a feel good sound, as Phil Ade lends his rap.

“Pretty Girls (Remix)”– There are few times where the sequel is better than the original. This is one of those times.

“Bonita Applebum”– DeVaughn covers a Hip-Hop classic by A Tribe Called Quest… in his own unique way.

Line to remember: “38-24-37!!!”

“Know What I Mean”– Empty lyrics with a seamless flow and catchy sound, DeVaughn can get away with a lot and this song is an example.

“Take Home (Remix)”– In a weird twist, XO and Phil Ade steal the show on this song, where DeVaughn’s does not match the thoroughness of the aforementioned rappers.

“Slow Love (Slow Dance Remix)”– Honing in the falsetto, DeVaughn takes us higher with this groove on the mixtape. From start to finish, this is one for the bedroom.

“Fever”– It’s hard to follow “Slow Love,” but at least try. This sounded like a cutting room floor material that lacked everything. Fever? Yeah, it’s sick in a bad way. And bad in a not so good way.

“Re-invented Sex”– For how bad “Fever” was, DeVaughn re-covers with this rendition. Original with Trigga aka Trey Songz is better.

“West Coast Love”– DeVaughn builds on his momentum and tempo with this track.

“Never Too Much”– Not the best cover I’ve heard of “Never Too Much” by the Luther Vandross. But it works for the mixtape.

“Die For You”– DeVaughn captures the essence of this mixtape on this track. This track is brilliant in every sense of the word. In the words of my Jamaican brethrens, “Forward it back.”

“Lying to Myself”– A more down mood with a more telling story, DeVaughn explores lost love as best he can… and he does a great job.

“Soldier of Love (Remix)”– This is very ambitious by DeVaughn, as he truly covers Sade’s vocals. This is definitely not as good as Sade’s one artist show. But it’s hard to equal a legend’s feat.

“PSA”– Be sure to buy The Love And War Masterpeace on March 2nd.

“Village Ghetto Land”– A dedication to the troops, DeVaughn offers his political thoughts and food for thought on situations all sides face in a time of war. Not bad, as the subject matter is the only saving grace.

“Birthday Cake”– DeVaughn has fun on this track, sounding like a trippy D’Angelo rendition of “Devil’s Pie.”

“We Are”– Unlike “Take Home,” DeVaughn matches the intensity of lyrical spitter Cy Young, while Philly’s finest DJ Jazzy Jeff keeps the beat moving as usual.

“We Are One”– DeVaughn does his best Marvin Gaye feel on this track and it is refreshing to say the least. What’s going on? A classic that’s what.

“Love Experience (Remix Pt.2)”– This one of those filler tracks that could have easily negated “Fever.” Then again, every song is better than “Fever” on this mixtape.

“Until (Unplugged Live Version)”– Can we get an encore?!

“Outro”– DeVaughn again plugs his album, among other things.

As an artist you must learn that just because you have 80 minutes on a CD does not mean you have to use it all. And this is the case with Raheem DeVaughn’s latest project. Cut some songs here and there, especially “Fever” and it might have sounded like an actual album. Basically, the songs after “Fever” could be the album right there.

The Journalist gives “Mr. February (Aka March Madness)” a grade B-


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